In the voice of: Christian in 2018

Spoken to: All

Transformation is what this whole life is about. From evolution to being born again; we are all managing what eternity has passed on to us, and will be measured by eternity after us. Thousands of years ago the organisms roaming this planet transformed from massive heavily armored creatures to tiny vulnerable creatures with a magical ability to remember from one generation to the next and share thought during activities. Like every other stage in evolution; we could not have guessed what was next. We who are inside time can only ever know what came before us, and evolution uses factors which none involved could imagine fit into the equation. This current shift in evolution of life on Earth grows out of choice, and is passed on by personal contact.

This next stage is (in the scientifically descriptive sense)… eternal. Whether I am a secular humanist who recognizes that our modern lives are the first generation whose stances, words and decisions will last as long as our continuously connected society survives (going on 10,000 years), or if I’m a Christian whose founder stated that “you are gods” (quoting Jewish scriptures) – we have evolved into creatures who are taken out of nature and turned into gods. No matter our politics, we should start acting like we are born into abilities for which we do not share common understanding of adequate instructions.

These transformations are not externally manageable, because the broken pieces start in our imagination and internal feelings (heart) long before they turn into action. This is where our experience as humans turns messy. From hedonism to faith; each of us insist that “my internal life is not to be regulated by those with power (or without)”; unless the powerful’s demands are in sync mine. We also understand that power is too addictive of an appetite to trust any human with. And yet we recognize that this life is only available if we live it together.

This almost always leads to an “us” vs. “them” perspective, and our focus shifts from what I can give – to what “we” should have done for “me” (oh, I mean “us”). I will never make a good impression, unless I stop focusing on what kind of impression I am making.

Evil is not a force – it is a vacuum, and the most direct remedy is to give. Selfishness is how we express evil. The action and its source bring pain, loss, hatred and blame. If I really want to kill it… give in secret. Try to view conflict from the other’s perspective with the same assumptions and justification I use for self. When “they” are truly off base, hold their hand like I would a blind child. Walk them into seeing/understanding… or realize that their blindness can be managed… and everything else I could ever imagine this life to be. . . thrown in also.

There comes a point in any story when I, the writer, must admit that I only know my own experience and what I have taken by faith from others experience and teachings. Please make no mistake that I am (without apology or hesitation) nothing but Christian. This is to and for the Community who carries our Pattern’s name… the Bride.

To this end this story will assume truth, or at least a piece of Truth, is that the core of all of our histories. Where there is conflict I will assume as an authority: Jesus Christ’s words, mathematical scientific fact, and the indisputable realization that everyone of us are born with the will to make ourselves look better and seem more in the right when we are given the power to do so. We look out for family and then tribe and then identity. I will follow Truth. This I_AM story will use the scientific method to prove the hypothesis that God has worked on our behalf (often despite us), and is centered on the person on whom time literally hinges.

The names have been changed, made up or left the same for clarity; mostly because it’s not about them. One thing of which I am absolutely certain, every one of us humans are family to every other human. Fighting between us should not be, and the bloodshed of old times should not be revenged. Our species should resist all using Force to fulfill their appetite of Power. There is no God but God.


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